Monday, January 3, 2011

Lend Me Feature .

I have been seeing lots of posts across different boards about Barnes and Nobles Lend Me feature. So lets talk about the feature.
1. Not every book is Lendable , if a book is Lendable it will have the Lend me symbol(see above) . You can usually find the lend me symbol under the price on the B n N site . If you own a Nook color your lend me book will be draped with a Lend me banner.
2. Once a book is lent it is no longer Lendable . Each book is only Lendable one time . I have heard some say they were told it is once per contact , this is not true.
3. Once a book is lent the borrower has 14 days to read the borrowed book. It will be returned to your library after the 14 days is up . You cannot access your book while it is on loan. You can return your book early if you wish . If you wish to do this , sign into your Barnes and Nobel account , click on your nook library , find the book you wish to return and under download there will be an option to return the book . This will allow the book to be returned to the owners library so she or he can access the book before the 14 days are up.

So how do you Lend to someone or request a book to borrow?
For the Nook color
1. You will need to add a contact first before you can lend . A contact is simply the name and the email address of the person . To do this, From the home screen tap your middle button located directly above the n button .An option bar will appear at the bottom edge.Tap extras. Under extras tap contacts . In the upper right hand corner tap add contact. You will then enter the name and email of the person , click done.
2. Tap your center button again to bring up option bar ,tap library , at the top on the far right is the option Lend me, tap, you will see all books that are available for lending .
3. If you click on the red banner that says borrow from friends with the lend me app you will see your contacts listed and the number of books they have to borrow . You will have to press the little red refresh circle at the bottom when you add a new contact. You can then click on a contact and press request for a book you wish to borrow .
I usually receive a request to borrow through my email and then I just click to allow the lend and that's it.
I am aware of several glitches.
1. if you add more than 10 contacts , only ten show on your contact list . I hope they will fix this with the next update. You can still however access all your contacts books by clicking the option to books ,instead of friends in the upper right. This will allow you to still see all books available to you and you can also use the search bar if you are looking for a certain book to borrow.
2. another glitch I have found is sometimes books you have borrowed show up as lend me's to others in your library . So you have to change this manually. To do this tap library ,tap lend me, tap the red borrow banner ,in the far upper right, tap the little red circle. This will allow you to manage the books you wish to allow others to see and borrow. Make sure you check the box allowing others to see your books. I had to hide any that were not lendable because they were borrowed from others .
Are you looking for other to add ?
under the discussion there is a thread for you to contact people and exchange lend me information .
Another thing I should mention, that is a feature on the nook color . Once you borrow or lend a book it will appear in your library with a little black circle on the lower right . It will show you how many days left on your loan . for example , if the little circle has a 9 , that means your book will be available to it's owner in 9 days or you have 9 more days left to read if you borrowed. you can not extend the time if the person is not yet finished reading .
Happy Sharing !!
I hope this helps some of you . if you have questions , I'd be happy to answer if I can:)

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